Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Orissa - Attack on Christians by RSS


Malati Digaro, a Christian convert sobs as she looks at what remains of her home. "This is all that is left of my house. It took us four years to build this and look at what has happened to it," she adds with tear-filled eyes.

Today, The Indian state of Orissa - along with other parts of India - is engulfed in flames of 'hatred'. A prominent Brahmo-fascist Hindu leader was assassinated recently by, as yet, unknown assailants - leading to the Christian community being scapegoated for the murder. Thus hundreds (reports suggest over 800 churches), countless villages, thousands of homes and unreported amount of lives were hurt, damaged or simply destroyed by the radical Hindu mobs that set out to wreck havoc on Christian communities.

This systematic elimination of Christian community in Orissa is neither an isolated event, nor something new. It is a state sponsored act by the Indian state of Orissa [as has become the norm in other Indian states as well] - where the radical Hindu party called BJP (RSS/VHP/BajrangDal being its sister organizations) is in power. The state of Orissa has refused to take any major action to stop this genocide aganist Christians.

Now the Indian Supreme Court has ordered troops to be sent into Orissa to stop the Hindu extremist thugs. The Court also ordered the state government of Orissa to turn in evidence of whatever steps (if any) they have taken to stop the violence.

Anti-Conversion act of Orissa:

Hindu Pogrom against Christians:

Persecution Rising:

Christian Attacks Exploding:


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