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Modified lies & Swamified PIL - Sonia Gandhi's Medical expenses

Today my time line was full with arguments & counter arguments on Sonia Gandhi's medical treatments in US and expenses.If I can believe Subramaniam Swamy & Narendra Modi the expense incurred to exchequer is staggering 1880 crores.
Govt paid this amount as Sonia holding cabinet rank of National Advisory Council and UPA chairperson as per Modi & Swami

Immediately seeing this figure i remember the logic of CAG Vinod Rai, I felt  the amount was presumptive rather than an actual cost occurred .

i wish to explain why Modi's claims are blatant lie like CAG report on 2G & Coal allocation. I take 100 days Sonia Gandhi spent abroad for treatment as base(actual days are very less, but for easy computation)

1. Expenses for Team of Doctors Consultation - Per day 50 thousand dollars expense - Rs.27 crores
2. Treatment Expense - 1 lac dollars per month - I take medication at home too, so for last 3 years - Rs.36 crs
3. Shopping bill - 1 lac dollars every day - 55 crs ( dont think she was shopping when she was under treatment, but Swamy says, we have to believe him)
4.Chartered flight - (Swamy accused of using chartered flight from London to US only means 1 or 2 days while going and 1 or 2 days while coming. To avoid any error i give 30 days 24/7 chartered flight was on call.Chartered flight is available from 2500 dollars per hour, i gave a premium of 25000 dollars per hour rent) = 25000 dollars per hr for 1 month = 99 crs
4. Accommodation in Park avenue apartment - premium villas are available at rent of 1 lac dollars per month even in Newyork, still I gave a premium to avoid any error, 50 thousand dollars per day for 100 days -  27 crs

5.Food (Swamy told pizza from star hotel to Pulok Chatterji, i have to accommodate that too here so calculating 1000 dollars per head per day for 30 persons - There were only couple of people accompanied Sonia in treatment, still avoid any error calculating as 30) - 1000 dollars per head for 30 persons for 100 days - 16 crs

6. Diamonds ( Swamy specially told me that one of main cost is diamonds, so i calculate at rate of 11 million per diamond- costliest diamond - Sonia purchased 25 times- i know she wont have that much mood swing still for Swamy I calculate at 25) 11 lacs dollars per diamond - 25 pieces -147 crs

7. Travel expense of visitors -( Assuming many people from Delhi gone and visited her) - as they have not pre planned trip and taken emergency ticket i put 10 lac per ticket for 100 persons - 10 cr

(Modi didnt get Visa & Swamy not accompanied so as swamy says I am not putting any miscellaneous expense for male escort - as Swamy accused)

So this much inflated bills also total expense is touching only 418 crs
Note :-

Average expense for caner treatment is 20 thousand dollars per month only which include doctors consultation and medicines, if its leukemia treatment cost is 1.3 lacs dollars per month only including doctor fees.In case of whipple procedure surgery on pancreas( as swamy said about Sonia Gandhi) cost will be 60 thousand dollars average only

Purchase of diamonds as expense is imagination of Swamy, if we take as it is it wont 25 nos :-)
No of people and food expense wont be that much, Sonia was accompanied by only 2 people, even Priyanka & Rahul was there for some days only

This is another fictional works of  malicious  RSS people to attack Sonia, even question her integrity and family life( male escort, it will be audited as miscellaneous) . does Swamy and Modi see all ladies are like the member's of their family?
First RSS attacked Rahul Gandhi with Boston arrest and then rape of a gal named Sukanya, when they failed in both started attacking Manmohan Singh in Coal allocation & 2G. When people of india and Supreme Court rejected both they are coming up with an attack on Sonia.
It sad to see that even medical treatment of our respected leader is a political weapon for Modi, it shows his culture, upbringing, hatred, and evil mind

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  1. Awesome post!!! A lot of hard work put in and definitely worth the effort. Too bad Swamy & Modi and all the other fanatics will not accept the figures...

    Keep them coming!!!

  2. I will neither negate your arguments not buy them totally. I wonder why doesn't the Govt simply respond to the RTI in public ? What is there so much defensive nature in Cong spokespersons like Manish etc who never answered to the point on a debate....

    1. RTI was replied, the document Modi was quoting was not RTI, not PTI report, but just a blatant lie. If there is any expense from treasury only govt needs to answer, not about personal expenses

  3. such a nice post,i visit 1st time & admired..nice work thank you so much

  4. Please research on how SG became the 4th richest politician in the world.We are curious to know.

    1. I have done lot of research on the same,its totally false information