Monday, September 22, 2014

Cleavage , Journalism and dignity of a woman

                                     I was on a break from noise of politics and hypocrisy of prime time fake outrages for sometime. Life is beautiful away from all this noise and dust . But today I am forced to come back after reading TOI. I cant shut myself to shell reading this disgusting editorial of Times of India Entertainment  by Managing Editor Priya Gupta.
                                   Times of India is called Toilet paper of India for a reason, but with columns of people like Chetan Bhagat and  Minhaz Merchant it will be a pain in the ass too . So when Deepika Padukone was angry on Times of India article I was wondering why she is doing that, she is degrading herself by commenting on an article on TOI.

                               Sensible people wont respond to Breaking News prostitution of Times Now and Times Of India . I remember Arnab Goswami's fake outarage on Shashi Tharoor on corruption and later he sharing bed with saints like Amit Shah, Gadkari, Adani, Solanki, Babu Bokhariya etc . Tharoor as a gentlemen never spoke a word, he knows "Never wrestle with pigs. You both get dirty and the pig likes it"
                                Before commenting on ToI's editorial let me recall your attention to an interview with Deepika Padukone by Priya Gupta published on August 24. Title of the article " OMG: Deepika chooses Dinoo over Ranveer Singh" (I still cant figure out why that "OMG" there) . Few questions from That Interview

  •  Your van is unique and so girly ( I think Priya Gupta is expecting Manly Deepika)
  •  You have told me earlier how Dinoo is your best friend. Does that still hold?
  •  Do you still also count Homi Adajania as your friend?
  •  How does it work for the both of you? 
  •  Between Ranveer, Dinoo and Homi, who would you reach out to first if you had a problem?
  •  Even before Ranveer?
  •  When does marriage figure in your life?

These questions and title of the article will show some light into the mentality of the editor and the news paper

To know Times of India you have to know about  the promoters of  this group .

It was started in 1838, by British owners, then swallowed five decades later by a joint British holding company, Bennett, Coleman & Company. In 1946 Ramkrishna Dalmia, purchase the paper and the holding company.
Dalmia had 6 wives and 18 children and was more interested in politics than news paper. So he entrusted paper to his son in law Shanti Prasad Jain, Grand father of Vineet Jain and Samir Jain.

Dalmia was in prison for 2 years, but when he was out he was out from his paper too. The great legacy of Jains in Times of India

According to newyorker "Samir is into God,Vineet is into women.”  May be Arnab Goswami and Priya Gupta  follows Vineet too much, they should have followed Samir also

                           Let me come back to the " cleavage" row . Priya Gupta agrees with Deepika that real and role and different . But she questions " hypocrisy of Deepika Padukone "  " but what about all the times, and there have been many, when you have flaunted your body off screen — while dancing on stage, posing for magazine covers, or doing photo ops at movie promotional functions? What 'role' do you play there? So why the hypocrisy? "

                        Thank God Priya Gupta didnt say that Deepika was naked in real life while taking bath. Is Priya Gupta is so naive to understand that Deepika'sr on stage performances, photo shoots, or movie promotional functions are part of her profession ? Does she expect Deepika to dress up in a parda and dance on stage ?
                        Again Priya Gupta critizes other media outlets for supporting Deepika and publishing the picture . I have only one thing to say to Priya on this, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones at others.
                        Priya Gupta's next argument is online is a different platform, sensational headlines are not uncommon .Will TOI publish a picture of Meera Jain or Trishula Jain with a headline " OMG : Meera/Trishula Jain's cleavage show " . You wont I know , but for you body of bollywood actress is a bait to attract more people and you teach us about women empowerment , wow  great.

"It's not as if the pictures were shot with hidden cameras, or that someone sneaked into her home, invaded her privacy, and took those pictures without her knowledge/permission." Yes Priya Gupta , Deepika called Times of India to take pictures and video of her cleavage.

"Deepika, who began her career as a 'calendar girl' for a liquor brand, has written" . Dear Priya anything illegal in Deepika shooting for a liquor brand ? or is it your inferiority complex that speaks here ? And as the MD of a entertainment daily you should be knowing that Deepika started her career with Tamil film called snehithaye in 2000 6 years before her photoshoot with liquor brand.

"Deepika, just for the record, we do not zoom into a woman's vagina or show her nipples." Dear Priya you didn't get a chance else you should have published it with a headline " OMG : Deepika Padukone's Vagina/ nipple show" and Arnab Goswami should had a heated debate on " Whether Deepika is a virgin - India wants to know"
                        "This has obviously been great publicity for you, timed perfectly with the release of your new film" yes you are the best people to speak about timing and publicity, a channel who sold its prime time to a particular political party and a paper who sold lies of a political leader as verses of Bible has every right to speak about this like a prostitute has every right to speak about chastity . Only difference is prostitute is better in a sense because she does it for her survival .

                       Dear Priya Gupta you should have been gracious enough to apologies Deepika Padukone instead of giving sermons . Dignity of a woman is not decided by Times of India, cleavage of Deepika Padukone is not a public property for you to write anything just because you have a third rate news paper. It is surprising that as a woman how you wrote such a disgusting and regressive editorial. Its looks like defense of a rapist in the court - She use drugs, She use alcohol,  she is a single mother, she has many boy friends etc. You argument also similar - she had shot more revealing pictures, she had shoot for a liquor brand, she had done it for publicity, other media outlets also published it etc etc. But all those arguments are not an excuse for your shameless yellow journalism. Truth is naked in front of your eyes, but if you decide to hide it with your paper I have nothing more to say  

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