Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cheergirls - My reply to the article published in CRI

I have seen an article by   on the poll which I have conducted on "who is your favorite Namo cheer girl (Read article)

I like to write a  reply since this article portraits me & Congress party  in very poor light. CRI never contacted me or given a chance to present myside, Prasanna Viswanathan & Yogini didn't respond to my tweets

1.My handle is anonymous - I never knew that I have to publish my contact details in twitter, madam twitter is not
2."It is ironical that an educated woman calls her fellow beings ‘cheergirls’" - I call them cheer girls only, not call girl, whore, paid Congi, convert, low class christian, jihadi ,supporter of Italian waitress, call girl in Rahul Gandhi's lap

3 Cheergirls by definition are young girls who dance a routine before the start or in the middle of a football game - Its wrong, Cheer girl is coming from cheer leading. Defition from Free dictionary -
   a. One who leads the cheering of spectators, as at a sports contest.
   b. One who expresses or promotes thoughtless praise; an adulator.

 I used this term in b category, One who expresses or promotes thoughtless praise; an adulator.
What is so derogatory in the term? If nothing is derogatory about the term how can   accuse me of using a bad word on fellow beings?

4.It is a subtle way of demeaning and objectifying women -  
If same logic we apply we have to  ban all bollywood movies because its objectifying women, its a sweeping statement against a noble profession . No job is superior or inferior. This objectification is coming from narrow mindedness or jealousy of an old woman to young beautiful girls

5.Cheergirls, in India, are perceived as low intelligence girls -
Its an insult to those girls in IPL, i advise   to go through the profiles of some of the cheer girls

6. To call a woman ‘cheergirl’ who is not a necessarily a professional cheerleader is an insult to the lady. -

a. Cheer girl the term as such  is not derogatory
b. I used this term in online political space only, they are cheer leaders for Modi, supporting spectators, expresses thoughtless praise.

c. I never told that in personal life they are cheerleaders, it was only about their online behaviour in Twitter

7. The women mentioned in the Twitpoll are all working professionals, women who work in the legit industries such as health care, petrochemical or communications. They provide the same services as men do in these sectors. -  
This is were writer starts to twist the story, inference which I never meant was cooked up by her crooked logic

8. To name them as Cheerleaders is despicable and insulting not just to the women mentioned in the poll but to all women in general. -  
Further she moves to another inference, when I never demean those ladies at first place how can I demean all women including me

9. The poll link was lauded and retweeted by most of the usual suspects who are biased towards Congress. - Here comes real issue, so the poll in itself is not a problem , but people who supports Congress retweeted, that is her real problem

10. Next paragraph is a lecture about Congress which doesn't deserve my answer at all

11. Read next paragraph, you come to know real face of the writer, MSM also call women who support Modi as His women & cheer leaders - I think she expects MSM to call them as Advani or Sushma's women, what else they can do

12. Next her argument is MSM calls Sonia as madam and didn't do any survey of young men supporting her - I am not sure where she is heading to , its perverted logic now she is presenting

13. Modi calling Sunanda pushkar as 50 cr girl friend is a snide remark for her, when she wished to close her eyes to truth what we can expect from her

14.MSM given hours of interview to sunanda Pushkar -
Irony just hang himself reading her argument , she started her article with her anger for calling her fellow beings as "cheer girls" but she is absolutely fine when Modi called Sunanda Pushkar as "50 cr girl friend"

15 .From sagarika interview with Sunanda Pushkar she moves Sanjay Nirupam's comment on Smriti Irani, she accuses MSM was silent on that
She selectively forgets that Congress apologized for the Sanjay Nirupam's remark, same time from BJP nobody apologized for Modi's remark but they were more abusing Sunanda Pushkar , (It shows their love for kashmiri Pandits also because even after they came to know Sunanda is a Kashmiri Pandit , they shamelessly attacked her, now also continuing )

16. She then moves to Amaresh Misra -
 Here too she is selective to target Amaresh Mishra, but for her all of the right wing trolls provoked him was innocent people like her. Congress supporters including me openly said what Amaresh Mishra is doing is not Congress culture, I personally moved one step ahead & started unfollowing many of those who are following Amaresh Misra to make a point clear that no place for abusers in Congress. But she is silent about 1000 of fake handles & Sanghi leaders who continuously abuse congress supporters day & night

17 . The battle lines for Election 2014 were long drawn but they are becoming more vicious, especially for the right-wing women supporters It is clear that they should strap on their boots, be prepared for vicious attacks and ad hominem from the other side even if they are ordinary citizens. Call out the attacks but don’t indulge in similar tactics.- Really I can comment only one word here "LOL"because those who are on twitter knows who abuse whom

Most funniest part of this article is the rejoinder by editor Prasanna Vishwanathan  who abused Priyanka Chathurvedi, NDTV journos Barkha Dutt & Sunetra as Rahul's cheer girl, so this article about its editors misogynist & sexist behavior towards fellow beings (as per writer's logic ) 

I have been active on twitter for last 1.5 years. they day 1 I updated my profile as Rahul Gandhi fan i am facing abuse from right wing trolls.Most of the time it will go to the personal level abusing my religion, parents, myself.

How congress leaders where abused on Social Media should be an eye opener for everyone - Tadaka, vishakanya, Waitress, barmaid for Socia Gandhi. Each day Sonia has to show her patriotism to India with n no of Muslims brothers who are online
Rahul Gandhi is Buddhu & Pappu . Every day he has to show his educational certificates to egg headed trolls, and answer to the malicious stories which even SC put in dust bin.
There is an intentional campaign to malign congress & Congress supporters online. Couple of days back there was a campaign by Suresh N stating that I have copied pic from FB account of Ganga G Nair.Abusive hashtag was DP Chor and their question was how a low class christian can take picture from an upper class Hindu. The FB account created after i joined twitter & that picture was uploaded in September 2011, so any one with minimum IQ its clear that the person has copied my pic.But all the cheer girls retweeted that with derogatory comments

 This CRI article is  also part of that strategy only, but unfortunately by the logic of the article victim becomes the accused & real culprit becomes the victim. How long right wing trolls can shut eyes to the truth, its very well in front of their eyes. Sanghi trolls cannot fool Indian youth for long time. They will see the real  face of Mass murderer and support Rahul Gandhi, APCO cannot stop that

(I am here with adding some screenshots of abuses online by right wingers to have idea of them)
I am a Muslim Jihadi from Pakistan for proud BJP supporters
See how CRI editor wants to call Youth Congress leader Priyanka Chaturvedi

Real face of Sanghis

When you support congress you are deserved to be butchered

When they dont like your arguments you are a Jihadi

Minorities are Cancer cells, to be eliminated

Sonia Gandhi is an Italian mistress for Mamta

If you are congress supporter  we can call you any words

Priti Sawhney Gandhi endorses abuse by @vbsingh60
kanchan gupta instigating Hindus against Muslims at the time of Assam riots

Proud supporters of Godse & his ideology

This comes from a reputed journalist, for him congress supporters are pigs

When someone dont come in your schemes they are Jihadis

If you are a congress supporter you must be instigating terrorism

We have to live with Kanchan Gupta's abuse

Abuse parents & Dalits , but Congress supporters should not complian

Calling me Call girl in the lap of Rahul Gandhi

Congress supporters are toilet cleaners

See the way Mamta treating fellow beings

Congress is Katwas

Akhilesh mishra abuses Smita Prakash 


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  2. And stop crying the victim hood drama!!
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    OPEN CHALLENGE to u and ur minions!