Friday, October 11, 2013

Adolf Hitler - "Nayi Soch Nayi Umeed"

    "We believe in Holy Germany
         Holy Germany is Hitler!
           We believe in Holy Hitler!!"


 There is no need of an introduction for Adolf Hitler. We all have studied history books and articles portraying him as a hated figure. But in recent days I have come across many right wing people  supporting and praising Hitler & Goebbels . They have drawn a parallel in Hitler, Goebbels and Hindenburg with Narendra Modi, Amit Shah , L K Advani. These discussions pushed me to read more about Hitler, instead going by an approach of  history student interested in events I looked at Hitler and his characteristics.

As late Mr. B Raman pointed out " The style of the online blitzkrieg adopted by his die-hard followers in India and abroad reminiscent of the methods of Nazi stormtroopers" So I have tried to do a parallel between Modi & Hitler

Brilliant Orator  

"Germany will either be a world power or will not be at all."
This was probably his greatest attribute that propelled him into the hearts of the people. Donations into the Party Coffers came pouring in when he delivered an extemporaneous but emotionally charged speech 16 October 1919. His popularity grew and many would gather to listen to Hitler give a speech.

Remember he was a Non German.  It takes a special kind of fervour to whip up patriotism and national pride when you're not even from that country.

This is true about Naredra Modi too, he is a brilliant orator in Gujarati and successful to an extent in Hindi too. Modi is inspiring and insane, made lies sound like truth.  He reads his audience well and knows how to give punchlines which will lead to headlines and media debates. Hitler was targeting Jews & Communists as enemies of Germany while Modi is targeting Muslims & Gandhi family as enemies of India

But onething we have to note here, Modi is failing to keep the same pitch when it comes to speak in English. Compared to beautiful speeches of Atal Bihari Vajpayee Modi is nothing beyond copied slogans like "Yes we can" from Obama or "soft power" from Dr. Tharoor.  Modi's speech is more like a south India masala movie for the hardcore fans of star, they clap, laugh,cry  inside the theatre but when they come out of theatre they don't carry anything - just a theatre of absurdity

Three topics of Hitler in most of his speeches
1) the treason of the November criminals; (2) the rule of the Marxists must be broken; and (3) the world domination of the Jews.  - speech topics
Three topics of Modi in Most of his speeches
1. Congress rule has to be ended
2. Dynasty, Italian rule, Delhi sultanate,
3. Muslims - Hum paanch hamari pacheez, burqa of secularism, Kuthe ke bachcha, Pakistan


Hitler was an excellent strategist, he knows what he needs and where he is heading and how to achieve there. Hitler was obsessed with military strategy, he prepared a ruthless & meteoric rise for himself and Germany
    Few points of his strategic acumen are-

  •  His decision to take power politically not forcefully
  •  Transforming a discussion group to a political party
  •  Becoming Chairman of Party in 1921
  •  Becoming Chancellor of coalition govt in 1933
  •  Military aggression plan to entire Europe in 1937
  •  Deal ruthlessly with anyone oppose him & relentless in quest to become a dictator

Modi is a perverted strategist, fight from back not from front. Modi's policy is always of 'use and throw', he don't have any permanent friends in politics, he showed it when he disowned Mayaben Kodanai, Babu Bajrangi, D G Vanzara, L K Advani. He is ruthless against his opponents just like Hitler, you can see this in his treatment to  Sanjiv Bhatt IPS, DGP R B Sreekumar IPS, Haren Pandya, Keshubhai Patel and so on

Few points on perverted strategies of Modi

  •  How he pit Keshubhai Patel against Shankar sing Vaghela to eliminate one opponent in his journey to CM post in Gujarat
  •  How he poison central leaders against incapability of Keshubhai Patel and projected himself as best option to lead Gujarat BJP for 2002 elections
  •  How he avoided election among MLAs when he was appointed by central leadership in 2001
  •  How he seized the opportunity to create a riot out of Godhra incident and get political mileage
  •  How he denied seat to Haren Pandya in 2002 election by admitting himself in hospital
  •  How eliminated Haren Pandya the day before he was suppose to move to Delhi as General Secretary of BJP
  •  How he ousted Sanjay Joshi from BJP for recording sleaze CD of him
  •  How used fake encounters to keep the aura of 'saviour of Hindus' around him and to check the de-escalation of hatred against Muslims
  •  How leaked information about Nitin Gadkari's companies to media to check reappointment of him as President
  •  How used RSS to oust mentor L K Advani from PM race


Hitelr was a charismatic leader, pitched against him all other German leaders where dwarfs, he was able to create a frenzy in his followers

Modi is also a charismatic leader, he was able to inspire rank and file of Sangh & BJP. In front of him other BJP leaders are just dwarfs.


"Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live."

Hitler was a powerful leader, he enjoyed immense power, he was not ready to listen to criticisms. Modi too is  so powerful in Gujarat. Without Modi's permission even a leaf wont fall in Gujarat. All decision making is by Modi, in Gujarat we are not seeing democracy but its just 'Modiocracy'

Evil Ideology

Hitlers ideology was of genocide(Jews) and ideology of Modi is of hatred (minorities) leads to riots, fake encounters & alienation


Hitler was patriotic, but irony of that patriotism is that he was not a German. But all his rhetoric was based on German nationalism
Modi too is a nationalist, he always say "India first" . But irony is that he comes from an organization that was with the British when Indians fought freedom, who refused to accept Indian constitution, Nationa flag & National anthem. Modi believes hearsay of a Pakistani journalists than a personal account of a Hindustani journalist.

Single minded

Hitler was single minded to make Germany the super power, nothing could stop him from this, there was no women in his life as per Hitler propaganda machine in his life( ? ) , he never used drugs, was a vegetarian, used genocide against Jews as a tool to achieve this
Modi too is now focused in making his mother land a super power. He too dont have any woman in his life as per his propagandists, he don't use drugs, vegetarian like Hitler, using riots and fake encounters against Muslims as a tool to achieve his goal

No Morals

Hitler's ethics was 'no morality' , in his propaganda,  ruthlessness and in genocide we can see this

Modi too has no morals. When he left her wife in wilderness,  back stabbed  Shankersinh Vagehla & Keshubahi Patel, used riots as a tool for his benefit, fake encounters for image , eliminated Haren Pandya, Sanjay Joshi episode, how he treated Advani, his blatant lies about gujarat all these we can see immoral cowards face

Propaganda Machine made leader

Hitler's biggest asset was his propaganda machine headed by Joseph Goebbels . The Nazi propaganda machine devoted all its efforts to the task of portraying Hitler as something extra-human. Everything he did was written up in such a way that it portrayed his superlative character. If he does not eat meat, drink alcoholic beverages, or smoke, it is not due to the fact that he has some kind of inhibition or does it because he believes it will improve his health. Such things are not worthy of the Fuehrer. He abstains from these because he is following the example of the great German, Richard Wagner, or because he has discovered that it increases his energy and endurance to such a degree that he can give much more of himself to the creation of the new German Reich.

Such abstinence also indicates, according to the propaganda, that the Fuehrer is a person with tremendous will-power and self-discipline. The same is true in the field of sex. As far as the German people know he has no sex life and this too is clothed, not as an abnormality, but as a great virtue.Hitler frequently makes the statement that he will never marry a woman since Germany is his only bride.

He is also portrayed in the propaganda as the soul of kindliness and generosity. Likewise, a great deal is written about his fondness for animals, particularly dogs.

Hitler is pictured as an "affable lord of the manor", full of gentleness, kindliness and helpfulness, or, as Oechsner puts it, he is the Great Comforter - father, husband, brother or son to every German who lacks or has lost such a relative

Modi campaign machine also works in similar line of Hitler. Exaggerated claims about development in Gujarat, praising so called bachelor life, Vegetarianism, "Rambo act" in Uttarakhand are all just few examples. When you see pivture of Modi with his mother, or a widow of army, muslim clergy, western ambassodors... remember its all part of planned propaganda.

 You can see parallels between Nazi propaganda about Hitler and Modinama written by Madhu Kishwar giving a larger than life aura to Modi, or in abusive artiles on critics by Niti Central.
Modi campaign machine - News portals spreading twisted news in favour of Modi, paid journalists sing tunes of Modi, arm twisting  liberal journalists who question Gujarat story, intimidation of supporters of other parties who question Modi.. Modi campaign machine is at par with Hitler

Man of steel

According to Nazi media Hitler was man of steel, with conviction, determination and decisiveness. Same Modi media claims about Modi too.
But many occasions Modi was looking like a coward - He fear CBI, SC, Lokayukta, gone hiding after Karnataka debacle, still silent on ordinance against criminal legislators..

Few other interesting facts about Hitler

  •  The fact that Hitler did not communicate with his family for over ten years. Modi too run away from his family after his marriage
  •  Hitler  gave the nation a mission or focus. Modi give focus to communal bigots.
  •  Hitler engineers built and invented Freeways. Read this with Modi's obsessions with roads & Infrastructure
  •  The German economy boomed. Modi media claim that even India is depend on Gujarat economy of Modi :-)
  •  Hitler gave the German people back their confidence in themselves. Modi gives confidence to Communal bigots, fake babas, traitor generals...
  •  Hitler gave V2 technology which the world used to send rockets to space. Modi gave advance technology to save 15000 people in a day in difficult terrain
  •  Hitler was incredibly single minded. He didn't chase women, do drugs or abuse his power. Its true about Modi too, he is single minded in getting power
  • From the earliest days of his political career Hitler had steadfastly refused to divulge anything about his personal life, past or present. Its true about Modi too, we don't know anything about past of Modi
  •  Hitler wasn't interested in using his position to gain wealth and personal adornments. He was really, really committed to making Germany the world's superpower and committing genocide. Modi  is interested in power, fake encounters, riots, not in making personal money
  •  Hitler banned cruel ritual slaughter on animals. Modi wants to ban of cow slaughter
  •  From the earliest days of his political career Modi  had steadfastly refused to divulge anything about his personal life, past or present. Modi too refuse to give any information about his past
  •  Hitler is also a man of incredible energy and endurance. His day consists of sixteen and eighteen hours of uninterrupted work. As per Madhukiswar and the like its same about Modi too. Apart from working both Hitler & Modi don't have nothing in their lives to enjoy.

                      As long as you're prepared to overlook his total lack of morals, barking insanity and inherently evil ideology Hitler had all the hallmarks of a great leader. If you are prepare to overlook democracy,freedom of speech,  riots, bigotry, fake encounters, fake development data Modi will be a good  PMchoice for India

References -

1. The Emperor Uncrowned Caravan Article on Modi  


  1. Lot of points into a single page, you have done huge homework to sum up the comparison. You have anointed THE Fuehrer well with the Fuehrer,

  2. so what about extremely boring speeches of #Pappu-G. Even all the attendees are yawning and sleeping with this #mahafeku uttering of nonsense . He deserves most boring orator award on current political scene.

    The only emergency till date was imposed by Khangress. They had suspended all the personal rights and ban on free speech. So, see who is emulating nazis.

    After 40 years the yet unborn son of #Pappu will be projected as next PM of India by Khangress. This is khangress brand of pseudo-Democracy , also called psycophant dynastic dumb autocractic rule . Khangress dynasty, with history of emergency rule, is a grave threat to Democracy of country. So,See who is nazi?

    1. leave him we should not pay attention to such kind of troll..they are worth not is full of misleading the writer has enough courage to prove modi as guilty in court NO they show their frustation on twitter only.