Monday, November 18, 2013

Saheb - Dirty Side of a Dirty Man

Stalkers - Cobrapost expose on Narendra Modi,  Amit Shah and Mansi Soni
Narendra Modi Saheb is in deep trouble for his latest honey trap. Triangular love story between Narednra Modi, Pradeep Sharma  and Mansi Soni is gripping than any Bollywood flick. Abbas Mastan can think of directing this movie titled Saheb, an old man's obsession for a young girl , her relation with IAS officer, revenge of old man when he came to know that she is cheating, how he punish IAS officer and Mansi Soni.
      One of the positive outcome for BJP out of this issue is that now world know that their PM candidate is straight .Another one is Modi's people were faster than Amit Shah's police. I think Modi was using 'google maps" to track Madhuri .
      But as a matter of fact I am not interested in personal life of a leader. Personal life of many leaders are as ugly as Mr. Modi's personal life. But we dont vote for saints, but based on thier public life.Here comes the biggest issue in this Saheb Mansi Soni Saga. Narendra Modi misused state machinery to stalk "Mansi Soni "
      Privacy of Individual - Shaeb case is blatant violation of privacy of an individual. Police tap not only phones of Mansi Soni but also of her parents, friends.
      Fake cases against Pradeep Sharma - Modi initiated 7 fake cases against Pradeep Sharma who knows the relation between Mansi Soni &  Narendra Modi
      Use of State machinery - ATS, Crime branch & regular police were tracking each movie of Madhuri. Modi speak about terrorism with such a vigour, does he fight terrorism by deploying ATS to snoop a young lady ?
       Violation of Indian telegraph act - Narendra Modi violated telegraph act which states " the government has the power to intercept conversations in case of public emergency or in the interest of public safety. The person carrying out the interception has to get the authorization of the central or a state government when it is felt that it is necessary to do so in the interest of the sovereignty and integrity of India, the security of the state, friendly relations with foreign states or public order or for preventing incitement to the commission of an offence." Modi and Amit Shah has to tell what was the public emergency to tap phones of Mansi Soni , her parents and relatives.
     Misuse of Tax payers money - Modi govt misused tax payers money to stalk a girl for 2 months for his personnel use

  Fact of Narendra Modi's relationship with Mansi Soni (From report by Deepal Trivedi )

Aseries of interviews with sources close to the development revealed that the woman in question first met “Saheb” in 2005 when she designed a hill garden as part of government effort to rebuild quake-ravaged Bhuj.

She was introduced to him by thethen district collector Pradeep Sharma who has since emerged as a key figure in this affair. Impressed by her work, “Saheb” complimented her and called her again after he had returned to his office in another city.

Within a few weeks professional admiration led to a deepening bond. “Saheb” gave the architect his personal cell number (ending with ******3400) on which she could access him any time. At the height of their acquaintance she and “Saheb” allegedly spoke to one another eighteen times a day.

The woman shared the story of her proximity to “Saheb” with her friend and Bhuj district collector Pradeep Sharma who had introduced her to “Saheb” in the first place. She also allegedly showed him some of the text messages that she had received from “Saheb’s” private number.

Sharma reportedly saved this number. Eventually problems cropped up in her and “Saheb’s” relationship on account of his alleged possessiveness and his insistence on maintaining a public stance that she was like his daughter.

Pradeep Sharma came to know of this and one day in 2009 he audaciously called “Saheb’s” private number that he had secretly saved. The call went unanswered but “Saheb’s” suspicions were roused. Who was this person who had his personal number? He asked for call details and found it was Sharma.

That missed call was to irrevocably alter “Saheb’s” equation with the young woman. Sharma’s number was kept under observation leading to the revelation that Sharma and the young woman were in regular touch with one another.

According to sources, this was when Amit Shah allegedly ordered the illegal surveillance on the architect. “Saheb,” it seems, wanted to know everything about her. Where she went, what she said, what she did, and most importantly, whom she met, claims the Cobra Post-Gulail investigation.

Singhal led this operation. As mentioned earlier, he kept copies of audio recording of his conversations with the home minister. This June, he submitted some of those audio clips to the Central Bureau of Investigation and they have been included as part of the CBI’s panchnaama in the Ishrat Jahan case.     
Pradeep Sharma

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