Monday, October 21, 2013

Et Tu Kiran Bedi?

                Kiran Bedi & Alphonse Kannanthanam - 2 bureaucrats fascinated me in my childhood. I read  "India - Making a difference" of Alphonse Kannanthanam many times. I adored him when  I read that how he demolished buildings of mafia in Delhi . Kiran Bedi too was my childhood role model. Her book " I Dare" give wings to dream bigger than a middle class background. When I read Alphonse Kannathanam joined BJP, with same mafia whom he fought earlier, it was a rude shock to me. It was a reminder that everyone is not Gandhi & Kamaraj...
         I was one of the persons who strongly supported "Anna Movement" against corruption. Like millions of the youth in India I too dream a change in Indian political system. But soon I realised that "JanLokpal" movement is a mask to attack Congress , especially Gandhi's. People who used prime time of national TVs to attack irregularity in paper works of minister's NGO were not ready to open their mouth against absence of 'Lokayukta' and corruption  in non Congress states. Anti corruption movement became anti congress movement . Team Anna is one of the main reasons for the failure of Congress in UP assembly election. Team Anna asked people to vote against Congress - Irony is that they want people to vote non corrupt Mayavathi & Mulayam Singh.Well that's history.
        I knew that Kiran Bedi is against Congress, still I continued to have respect for her until she stooped to the level of Chetan Bhagat, which was unbelievable. Recently one person asked Kiran Bedi "what is her opinion about Lokayukta in Gujarat". Iron lady who was vocal about powerful Lokpal and Lokayukta was silent on the Gujarat Lokayukta bill, she is yet to read the bill and apparently we have to believe that!!!
        My blog is about an incident and how Kiran Bedi , who claims to be "the most trusted woman"  stoop so low to malign Congress

Mukesh Gupta

Before continuing further on Kiran Bedi we should know an "innocent" Modi troll  and the usual suspect on my Time Line whom I ignore with due respect  - @MukeshGupta26 . He claims that he is from IIT Delhi, I can vouch that IIT here means Indian Idiot Training where he was a class mate of Chetan Bhagat. Few tweets of his definitely displays the respect he has for women, journalists, politicians etc

Today he tweeted the above  pic to more than 100 handles including me, almost everyone  ignored him except few  trolls ReTweeting him
He tweeted it to Kiran Bedi, within 10 minutes she RTed it, giving a stamp of trust on that pic
Nanniji also happy
Journos take it to next level
One person asked him , from where this pic is, see his answer, its real for sure ...

I send this picture to Kiran Bedi, an impressive  picture about BJP rally, (its not fake, real from Tamil Nadu), but she will be impressed only about Congress

 Now the original picture  which is from Kerala, and by the way it is not any political party function. Congress has followers from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Paid writers, paid journos, paid crowd, paid news are the BJP tradition. Hope Kiran Bedi got more payment from APCO for sale of her soul and the trust of millions of her fans who saw her as a role model.

Few old links showing this picture

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Link 2
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  1. Hi, It was worth remaining awake, to get this bonanza of revelation about a Self-claimant SnowWhite and her few Dwarfs.

    I had good respect for her while she was a "defying" officer. But it had faded when it sounded too good to be true, much earlier, as happened with SuSu, VPS, JP, and now Anna, Kejri et al. A whole set of players on confidence and avoidable hype,belief and curiosity of commoners.

    An anti-corruption force will act on Corruption -wherever. Here it is not that.

    The image had been crumbling as she cameoed on stage, looked otherway about Asaram, no concern on Uttarakhand, nothing about LokAyuktha or CAG, etc.

    What was left was that crumb heap.
    Even that has now got blown away at this obvious Photoshop-heat which she needed no second thoughts. Tells a lot about the judgemental ability, investigative mindset, diagnosing patience or agility.

    Media created messiahs fade out when spotlight is switched off.
    Thanks, now can call it enough.

    About the Irrepairably Inundated Trollschool graduates, less said better.
    All know them, and their tweets are marvellous learning for their children on their culture. No wonder they are retarded and regressed, using their home language on social media. No wonder they run for dollars even abandoning India, but have to rush back to get alliances since no takers there.


  2. Baap of morphism these trolls.are they giving diplomas on this subject in Nadia school of faking art,looks so.