Saturday, November 3, 2012

Its Final War

Dear Friends

Arise Awake and stop not till goal is reached. We have a war to win.Its our destiny's call to fight the evil. Its not time to be in slumber. Enemy is so close to our fort.

We have to defend 1000s of years of Indian culture, which based on values of  love, harmony, equality, respect . We are defending our great culture that does not differentiate people based on caste, ethnicity, language or religion.Indian is the cradle of  great religions like Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism & Sikhism. We welcomed foreign religions like Islam, Christianity & Jewish without any hostility. India is the only place where Jews were not prosecuted.We believe that each and every Indian are equal part of great Indus valley civilization.

Sadly now patriotism means accepting Brahmin Supremacy. Nationalism is being a part of Hinduism and supporting BJP . Those who were dominating Dalits and weaker sections of society are again back with false promises. They exploit poor people based on caste & religion. Rama observed rajadharma by asking Sita to give Agnipareeksha. So called followers of  Ram give blood bath of innocents in name of his temple.

Those who betrayed Quit India movement are now patriots. Those who killed Gandhi are role models youths.Those who begged clemency to British emperor are now freedom fighters and national heroes. A paramilitary organization which gets funds from Pakistan intelligence agency speaks volumes about nationalism and countering terrorism

Those who escorted terrorists to Kandahar teaches us how to defend our country from terrorists. Those who failed to stop entry of Pakistan military to Kargil speak about intelligence gathering. Those who failed to stop terrorists entering Parliament are saying Congress is a threat to nation's security.

Who are the real terrorists? is it the only Pakistan based militants or homegrown saffron terror? If we look at data Saffron terror is more dangerous than Islamic militancy.Our visionary leader Rahul Gandhi was right to point out this so many years back. ISI backed saffron terror we have seen in Malegaon, Samjhauta Express,Mecca Masjid, Ajmer Sharif, Thane Cinema,Butchering of muslims in Godhra, Systematic elimination of Christians in Orrissa, Radicalization of Mangalore, hoisting Pakistan flag to instigate riots by Sri Ram sene, Rent a riot by Pramod Muthalik, Role in Sikh riots, Babrimasjid demolition... count goes on.

Those who preach they are against corruption never see their party President standing naked.They are silent on rampant corruption in Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh. To know their double standards just look how they stopped Lokpal bill in Parliament and not appointing any Lokayukta in most their states. To create an impression that central govt is corrupt they used CAG to give reports on assumptions & policies,  leak misleading CAG reports based on request, Salwar swamy to do a Circus in Ramlila Maidan,another swamy to ventilate all his venom on Gandhi family, created a anarchist Kejriwal by giving logistics and money support, not supporting govt in crucial bills, stopping parliament from functioning.. They fight corruption by inducting people like Kushwaha & Sukhram, Party with difference.

Whats the alternative they are giving to the most respectable and honest economist Manmohan singh?
Sushma - who created Bellary brothers and accused of so close to Dawood Ibrahim, the most wanted criminal in India
Jaitley - A lawayer who was a lier in Bofors case
Advani - Old man who was not aware of sending terrorists to Kandahar and respects Jinnah more than Mahatma Gandhi
Gadkari - The great Social entrepreneur who metamorphosis driver to director
Murali Manohar Joshi - Who cant see any color other than saffron
Modi - who ditched his wife for political ambitions, tomorrow he will ditch our country too. He will fake anything, encounter, followers, growth records, Sadbavana...His thoughts and deeds are china made, pure duplicate. How can a  person  who cant respect wife of another politician respects other women.

One thing is common, no one is having a clean back ground, all crooked politicians, honesty is not in their conduct, to get power they will do any dirty tricks and will align with anybody.

Congress stands for political ethics. Our silence is powerful than opposition 1000 words. We silence our critics by our actions. We are the only party who took action against leaders who indulge in corruption. , RTI, RTE, #aadhar, are some of Congress measure to curb corruption. With highly volatile global scenario too Congress drive India safely, compare it with recession in 2000 at time of NDA regime

Its time our beloved leader Rahul Gandhi takes charge of the party. He humbly rejected the invitation to join Cabinet. Compare it with 6 PM aspirants who stitch their coats for the post of PM from 2004 even though its hypothetical for BJP to rule India. Rahul stands for Humility, Charisma, down to earth,  listener , educated and having global exposure, 9 years of experience in national politics, represents the only national party in India. He is truly  a gentleman in Indian politics just likeRajiv Gandhi.

Now our enemies are attacking us below the belt. One section of media & Sangh pariwar Spreading lies like Sonia Gandhi's medical expense, Shashi Tharoor's wife's rate, Rape case on Rahul Gandhi, Rahul's studies, Sonia Gandhi is 4th biggest politician, Khurshid's NGO took money from govt funds, AK Antony's wife's paintings sold for 28 crores, Sonia Gandhi will die with 6 months, Manmohan Singh is corrupt,Singhvi's CD, etc.

Let us take them on their own game. Let us fight our final battle with all our energy and power. We have a big task to defend India with all its Indianess. We fight British successfully  we fight poverty to an extent, we fight enemies from outside successfully, now it time to beat home grown enemy. The souls of 1000s lost their life in Godhra & Orissa pray for us. Founding fathers of our republic bless us. We will win this battle because in the end truth prevails, Goodness will beat evil, Rahul Gandhi will beat all enemies and will be our Prime minister of India in 2014.
Jai Hind

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  1. Whatever you have said about bjp and their so called saffron brigade's fanatic politics is true and its almost open fact.Savarkar was the master mind behind MKG s assassination and the 85 year old LKA has adopted this tradition of hindutva from this plotter.No doubt Bjp is a threat to the Indian social scenario and their leaders are proud of their non-secular ideology as well as their communal hegemony.A Secular person will never support their cause or their party in any way.But looking at the current scenario the congress has done the reform measures that you've mentioned(you have left MGNREGA) above and has eventually appraised the Indian economy in their nearly decade rule.They have fared well and good.Saying that dont you think you have left out some of the real problems of the nation still remains the same and they have ballooned even bigger now.The NE region is the same old underdeveloped states of this country still in peril with insurgency and strict regime control(AFSPA).Odisha with Maoist violence and they are the most marginalized.Maharashtra has the record of highest farmer suicides in the country.Haryana s current situation is a national shame, highly in-dignified life for women!And NCR with its poor state of planning conditions.This may not be the complete portrayal of the problems faced by the common man ,there are more but ive sticked to whatever ive come across,there are other states with various difficulties.Hard to avoid some of the foreign policies adopted or missed by the present congress government like easing the visa for Pakistani trade,more sublime views towards u.s sanctions of Iran or the Libyan conflict or the present Syrian conflict,inability to clarify border issues with China and pakistan,Unable to force 13th amendment on Srilankan ethnic problem or the fisherman issue,Bangladeshi infiltrations in NE or repatriation of foreign entities.Again these are minimal.2G and CWG are the past but congress has no answers for them.The present inability to conduct spectrum sale is the result of that and failing to get the sports bill for proper admin and transparency in their governance is lost(BCCI).It had not changed the ways of 1984 either,the recent flare up in odisha is a crude testimony of that.Failing to root out these had cost the credibility of the MMS government.After that they have resorted to price hikes and opening up the market for foreign advocacy not in the best interest of the people striking at their heart is fatal for Congress holding the Bharat Nirman card.Finally Rahul Gandhi does not carry the experience or the stature of his father,a grim reality that he has not even tried his hands even as a MOS.Certainly no one will believe that he is capable or suitable candidate for 2014.(Pranab Babu is wasted as an President.Eventually what i would like to convey is that Congress is a better a party when compared with Bjp.

    But without it, is it?Does it have more vested interest towards people's cause or towards Neo-liberalism? or its good deeds OuTshine its Bad one's? We have to wait and see.

    *Just another common man of this country
    Jai Bharat!