Thursday, November 22, 2012

Who will be your choice as Prime Minister of India 2014 - Opinion Poll results

To be honest I started a poll for a fun 'who is the biggest Joker in 2014" . But the support I received for that poll made me to think of Polls of serious nature. Who will be your choice as PM 2014 conducted with that thought.

It just an online opinion poll, but some of the findings are interesting

1.  Rahul Gandhi & Narendra Modi enjoys huge fan following online
2. Modi is having more support from abroad, thats why he wins most of the online polls
3.  Supporters of Kejriwal are Modi fans, when it comes to chose between Modi & Kejriwal they go with Modi
4.  Modi fans will do anything to win online polls and create an impression its peoples choice and silence opposite views
5.  Congress is not having a base in Social media is a myth, a silent majority is there in online and they are powerful
6.  Kasab hanging influenced voting positively for Rahul Gandhi
7.  Narendra Modi is just a hype, it will be difficult for him to reach Pan India

Some of you ask me about Sonia & Manmohan Singh. Its clear that Sonia is not interested in PM post and almost sure that Manmoan will not be heading Congress govt after 2014.Still there was an option for others for open voting If my observation is right Rahul will take PM post only if Congress alone has more than 230 seats. he wont head a govt with powerful allies.
Votes and percentage -

Rahul Gandhi - 7143 (53%)
Narendra Modi -5065 (38%)

Winners Country wise(Many votes came from outside india, this list will give you a perspective)

Rahul Gandhi  - INDIA(74% votes from India),Kuwait, New Zealand, Oman, China

Narendra Modi - Australia, Baharin, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Europe(Including Italy), Fiji, Gabon, Germany(87% of 2598 votes), Ireland, Japan, Malasysia, Nigeria, Norway, Quatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, UAE, UK(79% of 387 votes), USA(84% of 825 votes)

Poll attracted 198 tweets, 16 FB shares, 13468 votes, 26493 web views and 2602 mobile views. I thank all of you for your support and suggetions


  1. Even i also stand by you that M M Singh should continue as the PM. But situations forces me to think that a third time is unlikely for him for various reasons. As for Rahul, i think the nation would not have that much of an objection, though the BJP may rake an unnecessery issue to any heights questioning his orgin(The same they did it for sonia ji). But why there is no other names other than these two ? I think the congress should also think of a third option other than the said two.

  2. Agree but unlike BJP, there are many potential candidates available with Congress but all these persons never run after the PM post like BJP. Chidhambaram, AK Antony, Jairam Ramesh, Shinde. If I see BJP, now itself they are fighting inside their party for PM candidature. the list is too large. the old horse Advani, Modi, Jaitley, Sushma, MM Joshi, Venkaiah Naidu. This infight is started even before contending elections. If Congress can get simple majority or 230+, even MMS can continue. Perhaps, there will more and fast progress in that Govt, that we can expect.

  3. Rahul Gandhi, as a young politician seems to be a promising leader for India who can actually put India in the top gear... And also seems to be the honest & ethical person. But its tough to maintain white collar among in the coal job. We can give a try.... Hotels in Delhi

  4. lol,Rahul Gandhi as a PM? Can he even write his name? We don't have kids as a PM..

  5. Before the clown prince can aspire for the top seat, he has to do something relevant. As of now, he's done nothing.

  6. What's the authenticity of the source? Or, it's just your obsession with Rahul? Can you send me the link to the poll? Has it been conducted by an independent body?

    *ALL* of the polls(both Online and physical poll) till date, have always favored Modi over Rahul Gandhi when any media tried to compare them.
    This would be the first poll, I am hearing, which claims Rahul is a clear winner.
    There are multiple reasons, why many think Rahul is weaker than Modi:
    * Modi has a strong proven track record of successful governing. He is strong and has delivered time and again.
    * Rahul has most of the time shy-ed away from responsibility.
    * Rahul should have taken the PM role after 2009-election. Atleast deputy-PM?
    * Rahul has time and again shy-ed taking any ministerial role.
    Why this afraid of failure? He can't live a life out of fear of failure.
    * People do feel, Rahul is over-hyped by media.
    * Rahul got to have a little more than a charming face, to lead a country.
    * Until he takes any responsible role, it's difficult for people to accept him as leader.
    * Even now, its not too late. He can take some senior Minister role(Home or Foreign) and run it successfully for an year. Then people will have some level of hope, in imagining him as a PM.