Sunday, November 4, 2012

Why Rahul Gandhi is right

 It was a show of strength by Congress in Ramlila maidan. Crowd of 3 lacs give thumps up to progressive steps taken by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.Rally was a fitting reply to negative campaign of opposition parties and self proclaimed social activists. Rally shake the confidence of BJP & NDA on many grounds in recent days

1. Rahul Gandhi is hiding after UP debacle - He showed his critics that he walk the talk.

2. Rahul Gandhi is out touch with people - He showed in Kashmir and Punjab he knows the issue of youth than most of the local leaders.(Those who were on a rampage on Twitter & FB against Rahul Gandhi on his observation - 70% of youth in Punjab use drugs - were hiding their head after datas showed him right)

3. Rahul Gandhi dont know how to speak - After seeing Ramlila maidan speech by Rahul most of the supporters of Narendra Modi are fearing to ask for a debate between Rahul & Modi.rahul speech was aggressive, elegant,futuristis and inrospective compared to Modi who attacks dignity of women,divide people based on caste and religion, spitting venom in each speech evenif the yatra is in name of Swamy Vivekananda.i believe the comparison Nitin Gadkari made about Vivekananda & Dawood ibrahim is for Modi to follow the latter instead insulting Vivekananda

4. Rahul Gandhi wants to be PM because he is from Gandhi dynasty - Rahul showed his critics that he is not power hungry, he is No.2 in Congress because he deserves that position. Ramlila Maidan speech was an assertion of this fact he is arrived and opposition knows it will be devastating for them. Rahul gandhi never took the elevator of Gandhi family surname, but with mere hard work in the organization for last 8 years he was emerging steadfastly .

From this back ground we have to analyse opposition attack on Rahul Gandhis remark on Kargil. What he told - For Congress whether govt or opposition interest of the coutry is paramount. We wont play politics on that. Supported BJP in Kargil conflict.But BJP is playing politics against the interest of the country.

1. BJP slept on intelligence reports suggesting military and militants presence in Kargil.
2. never listned to Congress' opposition to Vajpayes's Indo -Pak policy - giving everything to pakistan without checks & balances
3. Vajpayee delayed war to gain political gain and an image of national Hero
4. NDA was busy in making money through coffins for the soldiers
5.Army used same Bofors tanks which BJP accused wont fire and maligned name of late PM Rajiv Gandhi
6.Purchase scam during kargil war of Rs.1762 crores

Congress never try to score on Kargil war even though it was a total failure of NDA administration in New Delhi.

But Rahul never compared Kargil and FDI,as quid pro quo  he was comparing national interest shown by Congress and double standard of BJP. When BJP was in power they advocated 100% FDI in retail without any checks and balances, but when they are in opposition they are against 51% FDI in Multi brand retail with many conditions.
Knowing that why people are speaking and writing against rahul? only one reason. Rahul arrived and the worst fear of them about Rahul is becoming a reality, he is a mix of graceful Rajiv Gandhi  and tactical Indira Gandhi

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